Friday, June 11, 2010

So I am slightly angry...

I know this is a late night post, but now I can't even sleep...

My building, where I live...has a nightclub downstairs.

Not one, but two!

The smallest one is the one that makes all the noise because its outdoor. Not only that, the DJ is really obnoxious. I don't even have to be there for feel like I'm in the club. I'm used to living the weekends like this, especially when I choose to sleep early...

Living in NYC is that crazy...yes. My building is one of the tallest buildings here in Hamilton Heights and right next to the club...I can't wait to go to Houston and see how life is over there.

The truth is, I've lived in NYC all my life. People can say that NYC is the place to be, etc etc. But that's for the folks who came for summer vacation and takes snapshots of Times Square all the time. They think living in NYC is like a blessing. Well, its not...everything here is expensive downtown because of the tourists roaming around everyday, you can't enjoy most of the city attractions living here [well for me] because I start feeling like a tourist, and I hate feeling like a tourist.

I can't wait to start traveling and become a tourist myself to newer places. But I'm the type of person to do all types of research so I know the place inside and out before going to it.

I guess I got it from my mom. My mom didn't know anything about Houston, and she studied Houston for about 2 years and when we finally went for vacation, she trotted around Houston as if she knew everything about it, and she did.

Okay I'm starting to ramble on...

Oh! and something else wasn't the first time either!

I was here in the living room minding my own business and  then someone knocked on the door really hard and ran off!

No idea who it was, but its not the first time and it's pissing me off...I wanna know who the fuck keeps hitting my door like that so I can shove their faces inside the keyhole to see if they like it...I can't wait to leave this place and live peacefully. Then again, I like crazy in my life so I guess not total peace.

Bye bye!


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