Tuesday, June 15, 2010

E3 and lots of water!

So today was supposed to be a normal day...E3 was happening and Microsoft was borderline pathetic this year, except for the cute little Asian girl with her "Skittles!!!" demo. It was too adorable to stop watching...

Anyway, I wake up the next morning to John telling me what I missed on the Nintendo Conference, and I missed the best parts! Either way I know I was going to see it later. Nintendo brought a great presentation with the 3DS...something I'm definitely getting. Kid Icarus for the 3DS? OCARINA OF TIME REMAKE? What was that?! Definitely getting it! New Zelda game?!

So afterwards, I was pretty disappointed at Sony's conference but Kevin Butler stole the show. I was really expecting Square Enix to steal the show, but guess who did aside from KB...freaking Portal! I loved the first one, so the next one on the PS3 should be fun. I wasn't too impressed with Infamous 2 because Cole for one has a different voice, and the fact that he has hair and these tattoos make him look like a generic guy, he now looks like a completely different character. Dead Space 2 I don't really care about...I have the game but I never even bother finishing it...

Other than that, Sony did okay...though I fucking hate Twisted Metal and for that to be their 'Big surprise' really pissed me off, especially because I'm scared not fond of 'killer' clown stuff. HATE it.

Well in other news...when my cousin and I finished watching E3 my cousin noticed something very strange....

HIS WHOLE ROOM WAS FLOODED!!! So we were looking around the room and there was  turned out that the entire apartment on his neighbor's apartment was flooded entirely! We walked in and the water was pretty much up to our ankles...end of the day everything was so flooded we couldn't even finish getting rid of the water...the maintenance guys ended up using a drain to get rid of most of the was painful.

Aside from that water flooded mom has her plane tickets booked for the 30th of June and I'm gonna be here all alone, with my grandma. It feels like its happening so fast, but I guess its okay. She's been wanted a change for a long time and I respect that...I don't think I'm going to Texas anytime soon. The good thing is that my cousin Wilson is moving to my floor soon so we'll be hanging out a lot there now.

Anywhoo that's all for now!



  1. dude, asian girls are HOT! too bad you didn't take a picture (and uploaded it) :-/

  2. So your neighbour flooded your apartment? that sucks

  3. God I can't wait to play a legend of Zelda game in 3d, it's been long enough damn it!

  4. You missed out on the 3DS man! I tried it, it was amazing. You have to see it to believe it :)